Quick update

Date28 Jun 2011 ContentComments

Well, it has been a while.

Currently just merging wiki.damianzaremba.co.uk (most the stuff is hidden at the moment) and thegeekstop.net into this single blog.

Once everything is merged learnabouttheweb.co.uk and thegeekstop.net will point to damianzaremba.co.uk/blog/!

Apart from my tumblr account (which I post random pictures too) I don’t see the point in having separate blogs all over the place.

Here will become my random content, how to, scripts and generally anything I get time to post about.

Some topics I’m trying to catch up on at the moment are:

  • Camping/outdoor skills

  • Bushcraft skills

  • New equipment

  • Tech items

  • Events

  • Other stuff…

I also intend to get the calendar up to date (it is missing a LOT of stuff at the moment but the first items on that to-do list are syncing up the scout calendars with the activity plans for the year. If I can find a decent video editing app/camera then I might start using you tube more for publishing content.

Currently quite busy as there is a lot of stuff going on, lots of ideas for next year and plans for this - will post more about them later.