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Damian is a Linux sysadmin at heart, with a deep desire to automate systems and scale platforms. He enjoys networking and enabling businesses via the integration of systems + networks.

Having experience in a wide variety of operational, engineering and R&D roles have empowered Damian to design and implement infrastructure solutions that meet business requirements at reduced cost and complexity.

With a passion for complex systems, networking, automation, solution design, testing strategies, Linux, open source, metric collection and graphing, Damian is a strong asset to any team looking to architect, implement and scale infrastructure while ensuring continuous service delivery.

In his spare time, Damian enjoys travelling, Scuba diving and climbing.

Take a look at Damian's CV for more information and work experience.

What others say about Damian

Damian is a very skilled engineer which successfully combines devops skills with network engineering.

A key contributor to network tooling, and an advocate of doing proper engineering. Comfortable with any programming language and any system. One of the best engineer I've ever worked with.

Damian's technical knowledge and craftsmanship are at the very high level. He is one of the most skilled engineers I know.

I have found Damian to be a worthy collaborator, very cooperative, helpful, and humble.