Many projects I have a sensible amount of time to work on are proprietary or under NDA agreements. This page highlights a few projects that I’ve been involved with.

Projects I Contribute To

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Puppet Sentry Plugin

Puppet reporter that sends run issues to Sentry

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ClueBot NG/ClueBot III

Currently run the ClueBot NG and ClueBot III instances on Wikimedia tool labs.

Actively patch the bot/core/relay/report interface components to ensure it keeps running.

Over 2.5 million edits on Wikipedia (number 6 in the number of edits by a bot, number 1 anti-vandal bot on the English Wikipedia).

Score output is used by a number of other Human orientated tools, notably Huggle and Stiki.

Links: NG Source | III Source

Proprietary Projects I Lead

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Multi Region, Multi AZ AWS Deployment

Highly available e-commerce set-up using Java/PHP on the public facing aspects and Java/MSSQL/Kafka/RabbitMQ on the back end.

Deployed in a CI/CD manner, using Bamboo/CloudFormation/Code deploy to build and update stacks in the cloud. Tested via Chaos monkey and bespoke JMeter/Selenium based acceptance/load tests.

Monitored via Cloudwatch, New relic and Pingdom; alerting via pager duty.

‘Light’ front ends deployed in multiple regions, back end apps deployed in a single region with multiple AZs. Front end to back end communication via a mesh of IPSEC based VPNs providing inter-region connectivity.

Openstack Havana Deployment

Deployed an isolated 3 node (2 HA controllers) Openstack Havana set-up using NetApp ONTAP storage.

Built from nothing to a full network, storage and compute implementation.

Utilised Cisco 3750x/2960 switches (core/access) and the ASA 5515-X security appliance in a collapsed core design, providing redundant Gb access for core devices (EtherChannel bundles) and 192 Gb access ports.

Redundant upstream connections to the firewall provided Gb access to the internal corporate network (100Mb access to remote RnD sites) and 100Mb public IPv4/IPv6 transit.

Load testing tools

Built a set of tools to load test a HTTP based service in a repeatable manner.

Largely used JMeter - extended with its scripting interface - along with ApacheBench and a number of result processing tools.

Also used gor with custom extensions for traffic mirroring where required.

DNS Stats Collector

Python based DNS sniffer, aimed at providing accurate DNS statistics on a per domain level.

Logic to aggregate record stats and provide zone related stats (zone/subdomain vs record) with time based collecting to a central store for graphing and accounting.

Handled >10 million DNS requests in POC stage with minimal issues.

Hosting migration tools

Developed a number of email and DNS migration tools for a company that was splitting away from its parent. Highly customised due to the source setup, migrated to a much more standard setup to improve ongoing support.

Processed >15k DNS zones at the record level.

FTP Enforcer

Custom pureauth wrapper based security system for FTP. Designed for Shared/Reseller cPanel based hosting servers.

Provides a cPanel and WHM interface, empowering end users and resellers alike to manage their FTP security.

Successfully deployed to around 100 servers and is in active use.

DNS Cluster

Redesigned the back end ‘DNS cluster’ software for a hosting provider. Moved from a passive, custom apache vhost based system (which had multiple issues) to a server orientated system that could be actively interrogated for meta data as well as zones.

Reworked the collector to be multi-threaded and reduced collection intervals. Also introduced a ‘diff’ based update, based on zones and zone serial numbers. Removed SPOFs and migrated to a multiple collector based system, so each DNS server could act independently.

Also injected custom ‘meta’ records into the zones at the server level, enabling easy troubleshooting for support staff when looking at the live DNS servers

cPanel Dual/Triple stack PHP

Developed a custom system (with cPanel interface) for selecting PHP 5.2, 5.3 or 5.4 as the active version.

Used in a shared hosting environment of about 60 servers to enable developers to run PHP 5.2 compatible apps while the default version on the server was PHP 5.3.

Achieved using suphp and custom application handlers. Interface in cPanel then updated .htaccess files to activate the correct handler.

Email Depersonalizer

An Exchange 2010 custom transport agent, designed to rewrite all inbound and outbound email from a persons email address to their distribution list (primary DL stored in pager field).

Functionality currently provided outbound by CodeTwo, which doesn’t support Inbound rewriting and is rather quite flaky.

Never deployed outside of a test setup.

Openfire DL based roster

Developed a bespoke roster management system for Openfire based on business requirements.

Using custom attributes in Active Directory, hundreds of arbitrary groups where calculated and stored for Openfire to serve.

Email retention enforcement

Developed a set of tools to forcibly remove emails (PST files) from desktop machines spread around the world, based on SCCM polling results.

Reported all removals/failures allowing a ‘golden list’ of outstanding files to be passed over to service desk staff for tracking down machines and manual removal.

Designed to run continuously without alerting users, until exec mandated requirements where met.

Also provided tools for checking which machines could be logged into remotely to enable pre-execution changes, such as re-enabling services via group policy.